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Portfolio of Artwork

As a start-up artist based in North West Arkansas, I've been an independent artist for over 6 years perfecting my own art style and just now introducing my creatures to the world around me. Newly showcased in The ANA Gallery for the month of September 2023, as well as newly entered into a local paneled exhibition showcasing my work and passion for my creations. My work offers a perspective into myself and the delicate beauty that can be found in the horror and broken. Explore my portfolio and have a gaze on the interior of my mind. When you look at my art find your own meaning let them speak to you the way they have me while creating them.

**All artwork is subject to Copy Right Law and Marked**


 Fondly titled "Red" as a momentary placeholder, a theme in a lot of my art is the consciousness we hold even in the destruction of ourselves both mentally and physically.

I enjoy for others to take to themselves and find what my creatures may mean to them in a deeper sense. Red has fascinated, disgusted, and brought tears to the eyes of those who take a moment to ponder whether he feels fear, anger, or has just accepted his fate as he slowly starts melting into nothingness.

Meet my "Void" calmly watching from a portal to the abyss. Tell me your thoughts, is he entering this world or dissolving back into his own? Is the void friend or foe?

Starting off as a doodle on a piece of wrapping paper and ended as my first commission for a friend gifted to his Wife on their anniversary. I can recreate this piece with a different color profile for those who are interested. 

"Melting Mortality" to me is an expression of how toxic the brain can be and how the mind changes with our thoughts like creeping fungus both toxic and "edible". I utilize watercolor in this piece to achieve a semi-translucent effect between my shading to achieve a higher depth in the piece.

A fun and morbidly light-hearted piece showcasing the grasp of Mother Nature in the process of decay.  Remaining unnamed just as the forest creatures who become once again part of the Earth and the beautiful life cycle of nature.

"Smoking the Universe" Is a simple expression of how our inhibitions hold to us like glue yet can help us see the beauty in the darkest nights around us. 

Affectionately named "Lotus" I feel a strong emotional connection to this piece. The Butterflies symbolize his hunger for freedom and understanding of the weight of the shackles placed upon him. So close as to view but with the knowledge that if to reach out and grab them, to take it, they would be crushed. I ponder on my own piece if the butterflies are but an illusion and creation of his own mind searching for a semblance of comfort.

"Death to Man" is a take on Ragnorak and to the fires that will one day burn us.

"Soul" a drifter who if they stop moving for too long will disappear, has found the light and beauty of the moon worth stopping and gazing upon.

"D is for Distress" is the first in a series where I plan to complete the Alphabet and a creature for each letter. Distress is dark and silent yet tries to hopelessly pry itself from our lips in a violently loud and painfully quiet scream. 

"Orbit" is my little intergalactic orphan representing loneliness and the wish to be a part of more. Orbit is celebrating Halloween with a poorly stitched-together costume gazing on at a festival he doesn't understand how to be a part of. 

Meet "Kiwi" wanted for murder in 7 systems and has the gall to autograph and name himself on his own wanted poster in blood. There's no anger or frowning from Kiwi just cocky bliss as he races away from his crimes to find a new game to play on another planet.

"Coronell Kull" Worthy of note and praise, leader of the few left in an ancient and lost civilization. Looked and called upon by the other systems for their relentless ability to complete a contract. Who knows maybe they are chasing Kiwi who has already mastered how to hide.

"Craig" is sticky and with an ever-changing form there's more than meets the eye and more to see within the gooey form he maintains. Can you see it?

"Whimsy" is a simple cute tattoo idea I came up with based on the idea of a royal sea creature.

"A is for Agony" is the second piece and first letter of my Alphabet project. They are presently unfinished as this piece is a large representation of my pain during my father's stay in the hospital and the crushing loss of him from my life. Done in watercolor once this piece is finished though it may be melodramatic to say, my tears have stained and run the colors of this piece.

"Poison" is a creature similar to Craig looking to find form in the formless, meaning in a world that has none for them. Scared of what they are becoming and looking into the body that it was given.

"Acid" Starving and unkind, constantly searching for a source of energy to keep him moving so his own slime does not dissolve him.

"Greif" is Bright in power and dark in existence while the pain is never-ending.

A fun doodle I can easily clean up digitally, "Khaa" always follows and watches waiting for his chance to squeeze in.

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